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Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts come in a range of forms, including sytrofoam, cornstarch and more biodegradable materials for great protective packaging.

When your company sends a lot of packages, you need to ensure that you’re always stocked up on protective materials, so that you can ensure you’re able to keep those items totally safe throughout shipment.  That means having things like packing peanuts, so that you know whatever you’re shipping can survive the trip, no matter where you’re sending them.  The problem when you put a package in the hands of a shipper, is just that you don’t quite know how they are going to treat your items.  For that reason you want to take that out of their hands, by ensuring that you’ve got packing peanuts that you can count on to provide the strength and damage resistance that you need to get your shipment to the destination safely.

The reason that packing peanuts are so effective, is because of their overall construction.  The soft springy nature of the foam means that they actually absorb shocks and damage so that it never get so the object that’s being shipped.  Reverberations, vibrations, slamming around, all of that will be absorbed by this special type of foam, so that whether you’re shipping fine china, or just a DVD, nothing is going to happen to it during the entire process.  It’s just a matter of ensuring that you have the right types of packing peanuts, as well as a good amount to keep them safe.

What you’re going to find with any type of packing peanuts, is that you actually have some choice on the shape, as well as size of them, and you want to select the right type based upon the kind of item that you’re sending.  When you have something a bit more delicate, you actually want to go with foam that’s more rigid, and that has a more durable shell.  Typically that means you want the normal S shaped peanuts, that are going to provide you with a lot of protection.  Because these are more solid, they will actually absorb more shipment damage, or jostling, so that it doesn’t get to the item you’re sending.

But when it comes to sending something like a DVD that can take a bit more punishment, you can go with just your lighter foam, without worry. That’s because they are quite a bit stronger and really just need a bit of a cushion to resist major damage like dent.  These types of peanuts have more of a figure 8 shape, and are quite a bit softer.  They are really meant just to be a cushion, but will not absorb quite as much damage, so they are not as ideal when you’re sending something very delicate.

When you’re looking for the most ideal packing peanuts what you’re going to find is that you can always get a great supply by shopping with any office retailer.  Stores like Office Depot or Staples for example have all the packaging materials that any business would need, and that means massive quantities of all different types of foam.

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